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March 15, 2010

The Hindenburg’s destruction has been seen as one of the greatest, unforeseen tragedies in aeronautical history.  Because of this one incident, the Zeppelin name would be deeply questioned for the next half century.  Yet despite the number of lives lost, zeppelins were bounds ahead in engineering for their time. Unlike modern blimps, the first lighter-than-air […]

Powered Paragliding

February 22, 2010

When the idea to travel around the world first appeared in my thoughts, my main question was how I would get around.  Originally, I thought of riding a motorcycle but realized that I wanted to see the globe a lot slower than 55mph.  Then I considered just walking or hitchhiking my way across the planet.  […]


February 15, 2010

Zorbing (which also goes by globe-riding, sphereing, or orbing) is the stomach stirring experience of rolling downhill in an ‘orb’ made of transparent plastic.    Zorbs come in two designs: harnessed or non-harnessed.  Constructions with harnesses can carry up to three riders, while harnessed designs carry only one or two.  The zorb’s construction is both simple […]

Cedar Point

January 18, 2010

There are a lot of events that lead me to the lifestyle I’ve chosen.  But as far as my need for adventure, there is one happening that clearly started it all.  It was a trip I took to Cedar Point junior year of high school that put the wheels in motion for what I must […]

Punkin’ Chunkin’

December 9, 2009

Halloween has always been in a league of its own.  But as you get older and the more of an idiot you look dressed up each year, the holiday loses much of its appeal.  So what do you get after a night of handing out candy?  An empty bag of candy and some rotting pumpkins […]