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Dog Dancing

March 19, 2010

Dog dancing?  Dancing…with your dog?  You’re kidding right? Actually, I’m not.  Known as musical canine freestyle, dog dancing is a mixture of standard obedience training and tricks that grants handlers a more intimate bond with their dog(s).  There are two categories in the sport, musical freestyle and freestyle heeling.  While freestyle heeling highlights the dog’s […]

Sturgis Bike Week

March 12, 2010

Besides the creators of South Park, many people feel Harley Davidson riders are “fags”.  However, the motorcycle has become synonymous with American cultures just like baseball and apple pie.  And although the machine is over one hundred years old, it continues to connect with our population’s need for speed.  In fact, Harleys have become so […]

Powered Paragliding

February 22, 2010

When the idea to travel around the world first appeared in my thoughts, my main question was how I would get around.  Originally, I thought of riding a motorcycle but realized that I wanted to see the globe a lot slower than 55mph.  Then I considered just walking or hitchhiking my way across the planet.  […]

Tightrope Walking

February 1, 2010

I was never a big fan of the circus.  I think I’ve only been to a couple shows that were the whole shebang-a-bang.  I never looked forward to the clowns, lion taming, or the bears on the unicycles.  And as far as the trapeze artists were concerned, when you’re so far away that you can’t […]

Appalachian Trail

November 23, 2009

There’s nothing like getting some fresh air.  To be outside on a clear, crisp autumn morning with the sun in your face, birds chirping away, and colorful leaves slowly drifting to the ground.  It’s going to get cold soon…you can feel it in the air and you know this will be your last time to […]